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Croatia Boat Show

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the most significant spring nautical event in the region – CROATIA BOAT SHOW.

The city of Split will host the fair from 21st to 27th June 2020, gathering the most important names of Croatian and world nautical elite. Marinas, shipbuilders, nautical equipment manufacturers, charter companies, restaurateurs and many other representatives of the tourist and economic sector will gather on the West Coast to attractively present their products and services.

The jubilee 20th Croatia Boat Show was an excellent indicator that the nautical industry is finally recovering after a number of challenging years, as the fair was much larger, more glamorous and visited than in the previous years. Significant resources that we have invested in, new tents, pontoon and the entire technical part of the fair, as well as the media campaign through which the fair has been promoted and accompanied by leading media, certainly contributed to the quality and reputation of the fair.

Besides the festive Parade of the ships, last year a separate part of the fair was transformed into the luxury CBS Yacht Club, while for 2019. we have already prepared another additional bigger bunker of 2.576m2 (92x28m) designed for large X Republic Yacht Club and organization of many events.

According to the forecasts and market trends that we learned of during the visits of our sales team to the last year’s nautical fairs in Cannes, Monaco, Genova, Amsterdam and Biograd, we expect the increase of  22nd Croatia Boat Show in April this year in its size, content, business opportunities and number of visitors to get closer to the numbers it  had in times when it was among the top 10 fairs in the world.  In its 22nd edition, the Croatia Boat Show will bring together all the major players in the domestic and world nautical industry: ship, marine, electronics and charter companies. Representatives of the touristic and economic sector will have the opportunity to present their products and services to many visitors in the beautiful ambience of the Split West Bank. Most vessels at the Croatia Boat Show fair will be exposed in the sea – their natural environment.

Five days of this prestigious event in the heart of Dalmatia will enable you to contact many clients, make new deals, and enjoy glamorous events, attractions, conferences, and presentations at the fair. Our team has been working tirelessly to provide a flawless edition of the 22nd CROATIA BOAT SHOW. So join us in Split and start a nautical season with style.


Order Tramadol Cod Overnight, Buy Ultram Tramadol Online

Using the long-standing experience, the 22nd Croatia Boat Show is organized according to the highest world standards that provide exhibitors, sponsors and other participants with exceptional promotional benefits and generate new business opportunities.

Croatia Boat Show also organizes meetings related to governmental strategic documents relevant to the nautical industry, as well as annual meetings of associations related to small shipyards and nautical tourism.

Since the fair attracts the builders of large and expensive boats and yachts, glamorous presentations are organized, as well as luxury events with a whiff of exclusivity and prestige.

Order Tramadol Cod Overnight, Buy Ultram Tramadol Online

General Sponsors
Official hotel
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